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55th Reunion - April 5-6, 2019 - Friday

We will add new photos as they are received so check back often. If you took photos, please email us your best ones to be included.  We have no photos from Friday night yet. [NOTE: The first batch of photos contains way too many of your webmaster because his wife took them. So ; .. hurry up and send us your photos.]

These are the classmates who attended each night. Name tags are visible in some photos which should help with classmates you may not recognize. You can also click on the classmate names below to see what they looked like "back in the day".  We are missing a few senior photos, so we substituted what we could find. Please let us know if there is someone we overlooked:

Classmate Attendees - Friday
Thanks to Mary Ellen Duckworth Reid

Allen, April (Delp); Berry, Debbie (Colbert); Butcher, David; Callan, Jennie (Mizell); Caporali, Angela (Briggs); Church, Linda (Hammock); Davis, Alice (Sellers); Gayle, Pat (Chafin); Grimmett, Sharon (Black); Haddock, Delores “Dee” (Beauregard); Harris, Rodney; Hatch, Sharon (Watson); Hollingsworth, Larry; Hysler, David; Koehler, Ken; Lynn, Linda (Bennett); Mitcham, Trecia (Crews); Nelson, Susan; Novak, Mike; Reeves, Roy; Smith, George A.


Saturday Photos  ~~~  Photo Booth

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